Get fit, be present and find your center. LiFE classes incorporate all aspects of Mind, Body and Soul for a complete experience.

We pick classes based on how we’re feeling.


LiFE Yoga Classes bring vibrancy into your life. Join Rock 'n' Flow to energize, get upbeat with Hot Beat or find your center with Goin' Yin. Classes are designed to suit all aspects of your lifestyle.

How are you feeling today?

Feel Good Flow

Mood: Calm

Flow gently with breath-synchronized movement in meditation designed to let all that stress go, and leave you glowing from inside and out.

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Good Yin

Mood: Centered

Balance out your busy day with Yin which targets the deeper connective tissues of your body to help increase circulation in your joints, and improve flexibility.

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Led Ashtanga

Mood: Reflective

Get in the meditative zone with this vigorous set sequence, while building strength and mental resilience. An excellent foundation class for those on the road to self-mastery.

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Mood: Playful

Rocket gets you moving and flowing like a playful yogi who likes to break the rules. A dynamic and trippy practice for the rebel in you.

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Rock N Flow

Mood: Energized

Rock your flow in this powerful class and move fluidly in a creative sequence that leaves you fealing energized, uplifted and like the rockstar you are.

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Hot Beat

Mood: Upbeat

Groove and detoxify in the hot room with a lively set sequence designed to lift your spirit from the outside-in. An upbeat class for beaming yogis.

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LiFE Fitness Classes get you movin' and groovin' while working out your cardio and core. Get on the road to fitness in style with these fun and functional classes.

Mood: Revitalized

HIIT it up! Revitalize through a series of circuit-style movements that’ll raise your heart rate and get you lean, toned and strong!

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LiFE Meditations are designed to complement your urban lifestyle and make meditations accessible and fun for everyone. We bring meditation to life through movement, music and visualization. Leave feeling balanced, peaceful or clear. Life is meditation. Meditation is life.



Balance masculine and feminine energies in this martial art meditation and unleash the spiritual warrior in you.

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Move and be moved to waves of tunes. Lie back and explore your inner world with music, sound and movement.

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Become one with bliss in this seated meditation centered on visualization and intention-setting.

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