About Us

The Beginning of LiFE

LiFE was founded in 2015 as a yoga studio and café. I (Noelle) wanted to create a fun place for yoga, food and community. In 2017, the four pillars of LiFE were launched. Together with the team, this began a journey of creating a space for self-discovery, creativity and awakening. We have big dreams and would like to share this with you. Come, and be part of our vision.

Our Vision

Communities celebrating LiFE all around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create the space through which we nourish mind, body and soul. We believe in creating a community based on love, empowerment and co-creation.

Our Studio

LiFE is a two-storey complex located in BGC, Philippines. We believe in providing a high-vibe interior through our art and music. The art, centered on themes of enlightenment, culture and sacred geometry, lifts our spirits while the music is imbibed with frequencies at 582hZ. This 'Love Frequency' or 'Miracle Tone' repairs DNA and brings about positive transformation.

Prana Room

The temperature rises in this room! The Prana Room is warmed by Infrared Heaters. This creates a movement of the heat in the body through optimum blood circulation and produces a sense of deep warmth.

Lotus Room

This room is on the 2nd floor and is usually where the non-heated classes are held. This room is cooled by a/c and ceiling fans.
Both rooms overlook the lush greens of Manila Golf Club.

The Bar

The LiFE Bar serves raw vegan drinks, shots and snacks. These are infused with herbs and other superfood for energy, beauty and mental clarity so as to glow from the inside-out.